November 15–17, 2019SecureWV 2019
Hack3rCon X

3 Days, 3 Tracks and 15 Seasoned Speakers!

November 15–17, 2019SecureWV 2019
Hack3rCon X

3 Days, 2 Tracks and 15 Seasoned Speakers!

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SecureWV is a security conference held in Charleston, WV.

SecureWV is about the infosec community. SecureWV small enough that you can talk directly with the speakers, but large enough that you can find attendees with similar interests.

Great Talks
Great Friends
And Lots of Fun

SecureWV / Hack3rCon
Conference events

Hardware Hacking Village
Our sponsor, SME, graciously supplies soldering iron stations and a handful of tools and supplies for your hardware hacking pleasure. Learn to solder, and make some interesting things.
Lockpick Village
The Lockpick Village is a physical security demonstration and participation area. Participants can practice on locks of various levels.
CTF Village
CTF red and blue team players compete against one another by exploiting known vulnerable machines. Each year we change the theme and rules, but one thing stays the same, we give out awesome prizes to the winners. Will it be you?
Sponsor / Employer Village
Are you looking for a new job, or new employee? Come to the Employer Village and meet your next …
Amateur Radio Exam
If you’re interested in becoming an Amateur Radio operator or hold a license you’d like to upgrade, there will be an Amateur Radio Licensing Exam Session at Hack3rCon 2018.
PGP Key Signing Party
A keysigning party is a get-together with PGP users for the purpose of meeting other PGP users and signing each other’s keys. This helps to extend the “web of trust“ to a great degree.
Hack3r Hangout
Get together with professionals from the local area and make connections and share your PGP key.
Hack3r Karaoke
Join your fellow Hack3rs in a 21+ sing-off. Squeamish need not attend, and a gifted singing voice is not required.

SecureWV Sponsors

Our Keynote Speaker

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change world.
Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

Amanda Berlin

Amanda Berlin is an Information Security Architect for a consulting firm in Northern Ohio. She has spent over a decade in different areas of technology and sectors providing infrastructure support, triage, and design. Amanda has been involved in implementing a secure Payment Card Industries (PCI) process and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance as well as building a comprehensive phishing and awards-based user education program.
She is the author for a Blue Team best practices book called “Defensive Security Handbook: Best Practices for Securing Infrastructure” through O’Reilly Media. She is a co-host on the Brakeing Down Security podcast and writes for several blogs. On Twitter, she’s @InfoSystir.

Best Local Info-sec Con!

Attended my first year in 2013, and have been back every year since.

Michael Fry
Software Engineer

SecureWV 2018
Ticket Prices

Student ticket
Valid ID needed
  • Visit all three days
  • Single student entrance allowed
  • Unlimited entrance and exits
Human ticket (Early Bird)
No bots permitted
  • TShirt Included!
  • Visit all three days
  • Single person entrance allowed
  • Unlimited entrance and exits

Charleston Coliseum
and Convention Center

200 Civic Center Dr,
Charleston, WV 25301

Use code GEK for online registration or you can call the hotel and ask for a room in the SecureWV (or 304Geeks) block.

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